Welcome to Rotake Reuseable – a new sustainable way to enjoy takeout

In the search for ever more convenience, we have created mountains of waste that obstruct our living spaces and natural environment. It’s time to clean up Aarhus, 24/7.

The Rotake Reuseable packaging system offers a responsible and convenient way to enjoy your favorite takeaway drinks! Opting for Rotake Reuseable not only reduces packaging waste and litter, but it also saves valuable resources. More reuse, less waste.

We make it easy to choose sustainable

Step 1 – order

Order your favorite drink from any participating retailer. You’ll pay a small deposit of 5 kr – don’t worry, you’ll get this money back when you return your cup to one of the numerous reuse collection points.

Step 2 – Enjoy

Enjoy your to-go drinks even more, knowing that Rotake Reuseable packaging is hygienic and doesn’t create unnecessary waste.

Step 3 – Return

Return empty Rotake Reuseable containers to any designated reuse collection point in the city. Use the smart card reader on the machine to refund the deposit amount to your debit/credit card. It can take up to two business days for the money to be returned to your account.

Have questions?
We have answers.

Reusable packaging is still new to the restaurant scene, so it’s natural to have questions. We’ve put together a list of common questions about the Rotake Reuseable system, hygiene standards and how to participate.

Why is Aarhus testing reusable takeaway packaging?

Aarhus Municipality recognizes its role in curbing litter and preserving a clean cityscape. Addressing the rising demand for a unified reusable packaging system among businesses and residents, the municipality has launched an experiment. This initiative aims to simplify eco-conscious choices for companies and Aarhusianers.

Why is this system the first of its kind in the world?

The Rotake Reuseable system stands out as the world’s pioneering open urban space solution for reusable takeaway packaging. This innovative system transcends boundaries, offering compatibility across restaurants, cafés, and all food takeaway services, catering to both Aarhus citizens and visitors alike.

What are the cups made of?

The cups are made from PP, known as polypropylene. This durable plastic is designed for prolonged use and can withstand repeated washing. Once the cups reach the end of their usable life or cannot be reused for other reasons, the material can be recycled.

A new take on takeaways

It’s time to say goodbye to packaging waste. The Rotake Reuseable packaging system brings together sustainability and convenience for everyone involved – from individuals (like you!) and cafes to waste management and the environment.

Sustainability in the city of smiles

The City of Aarhus aims to eliminate single-use cups and create a new circular system in which takeaway packaging is collected, washed, and reused.

In foodservice? Become our partner!

Looking to add reusable foodservice packing to your product offering? Rotake Reuseable offers a system that not only delivers high-quality reusable containers meeting stringent hygiene standards but also provides centralized sanitization, eliminating the need for manual packaging returns over the counter. This streamlined process is bound to impress your customers while ensuring top-notch cleanliness and convenience.